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Lifetime Giving
2022 EvergreenHealth Annual Donors
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Tribute and Memorial

Lifetime Giving

In recognition of those who have given $100,000 or more to support EvergreenHealth



The Phil and Katie Carter Foundation

Al and Donna DeYoung

Estate of Duane A. Droullard

Michael and Mary Kay Hallman

Elling and Barbara Halvorson

The Norcliffe Foundation

Schultz Family Foundation

$100,000 - $999,999

Aetna Foundation

The Anderson Foundation Maly Joanne Andrews


Bellevue Healthcare Cascade Cancer Center

Cemer Corporation

Majdi and Dana Daher

Denali Advanced Integration

Stella DeYoung

William Lowell Fr Stella

DeYoung H Family E.I.C. Trust

Doug Edlund and Cathy Boshaw

Employees Community

Fund of Boeing Puget Sound

Estate of Susanne L. Lewin

Evergreen Emergency Services

EvergreenHealth Medical Staff

Bob and Shirley Ferguson

First Choice Health

The Ruth Freedman Family

Bob and Shirley Ferguson

First Choice Health

The Ruth Freedman Family

Eugene and Ruth Freedman Family Foundation

glassybaby LLC

Brenda Halvorson and Mark Rex

Kent and Suzie Halvorson

Lon and Colleen Halvorson

Richard and Betty Hedreen

Clifford H. Hersman and Victoria Series

Dr. Wayne and Deborah Hill

The Jackson Family Estate of Floyd L Johnson

Auggie and Sally

Jo Kempf


Keyes Foundation

Kirkland Concours d’Elegance

Estate of Mabel C Knoertzer

Livengood Alskog, PLLC

Byron and Alice Lockwood Foundation

Kate and Craig MacKay

Robert H. and Sue Malte

Estate of Frances N. Marr

Matrix Anesthesia, PS

MEDNAX Health Partners

Merchants Credit Association

Microsoft Matching Gifts Program

Sandy Myerson and Michael Gailus

Names Family Foundation

National MS Society Greater Northwest Chapter

The PACCAR Foundation

James and Gaye Pigott

Puget Sound Institute of

Pathology Redia Medical

Imaging Radia, Inc.

Regence Foundation

Nancy and Ben Remak

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

The Schaake Family Charitable Foundation

Skony Resources, Inc.

Karl M. Snapp

Amitabh and Richa Srivastava

Or. Eric Taylor and Ma Sheen Aebig

United Way of King County

Estate of Carnal C Walker

Tom and Connie Walsh

Wells Fargo

Whidbey Coffee Company

William E. Wockner Foundation

Wise Hospice Options

Irene and Eugene Wockner

Tribute and Memorial

In Memory Of Robert Adams
In Memory Of Helen Adcock
In Memory Of Patricia Agin
In Memory Of Gun Ahn
In Memory Of Ford Akiyama
In Memory Of David Aldrich
In Memory Of Thaddas Alston
In Memory Of Dorothy Anderson
In Memory Of Mark Anderson
In Memory Of Illuminada Anulacion
In Honor Of Leonara Apigo, RN
In Memory Of Albert Ashe
In Memory Of Barbara Ashe
All Doctors and Nurses at EvergreenHealth
In Honor Of Celia Attwell, RN
In Memory Of William Auerswald
In Honor Of Pacha Badibanga, RN
In Honor Of Laura Baker, RN
In Memory Of Vikram Bannari
In Memory Of Adriana Baptista
In Honor Of Rose Baqui
In Memory Of Burke Barker
In Memory Of Eric Barnum
In Memory Of Richard Barthol
In Honor Of Alice Battista, CHPN
In Memory Of Judy Bear
In Memory Of Wayne Bechtel
In Memory Of Robert Bell
In Memory Of Karleen Berger
In Memory Of Martha Bernhardt
In Memory Of Barbara Bernstein
In Memory Of Louis Bernstein
In Memory Of Wenchie Wendy Berry
In Honor Of Melanie Betts, RN
In Honor Of Mary Bicknell, RN
In Memory Of Vija Birnbaums
In Honor Of Gwen Blake, RN
In Memory Of Joseph Blaschka
In Honor Of Brittanie Bliss, RN
In Memory Of Katrina Blouin
In Memory Of Vanessa Blue
In Memory Of Janice Bolen
In Memory Of Anna Bono
In Honor Of Christina Borduz, RN
In Memory Of Jeanne Bowden
In Memory Of Patricia Bowen
In Memory Of Karin Boyle
In Memory Of Leonard Braarud
In Memory Of Peter Braicks
In Memory Of James Brannigan
In Memory Of Cheryl Breimon
In Memory Of Gene Breimon
In Memory Of Jerry Brooks
In Memory Of Jack Brown
In Honor Of Molly Brown, RN
In Memory Of Nancy Brown
In Honor Of Theodore Brown, MD
In Memory Of Rosemary Buckel
In Memory Of Rita Burrows
In Honor Of Laurene and Steve Burton
In Memory Of Shirley Campbell
In Honor Of Bridget Carney, RN
In Memory Of Dr. Ronald Chard, Jr.
In Memory Of Merlynda Childers
In Memory Of Commander Louis Chirillo, USN, Ret
In Memory Of Claudette Chomos
In Honor Of Jessica Clark, RN
In Memory Of Kelly Lea Clark-Johnson
In Memory Of Jodi Clasby
In Memory Of Paul Clasby
In Memory Of Frank Coburn, Jr.
In Memory Of Gerard Coeuille
In Memory Of Lovey Cohen
In Memory Of Paul Joseph Cole
In Honor Of Jordan Collier, MD
In Honor Of Jan Collins, RN
In Memory Of Richard Collins
In Memory Of Andrew Ian Compton
In Memory Of Barbara Connelly
In Memory Of Thomas Connolly
In Memory Of Joanne Cooper
In Memory Of Sharon Mallen Cotton
In Memory Of Sara Cottrell
In Memory Of Barbara Crawford
In Memory Of Elizabeth Crow
In Memory Of David Crowell
In Memory Of Douglas Cull
In Memory Of Thomas Cullen
In Honor Of Erin Currin, MD
In Memory Of Kim Dahmen
In Honor Of Tiana Dammann
In Honor Of Malissa Davidson, RN
In Memory Of Tatiana Davidson
In Memory Of Shirley Arlene Davis
In Honor Of Angie Dawkins, RN
In Memory Of Peggy Day
In Memory Of Patricia Mary Delaney
In Memory Of Carmen R. Delelio
In Honor Of Al DeYoung
In Memory Of Merle Dihel
In Memory Of Anne Dolan
In Honor Of Stacey Donovan, RN
In Memory Of Dave Dorothy
In Memory Of Wendy Dorothy
In Memory Of Age Douma
In Honor Of Aidan Dow
In Memory Of Christel Dozé
In Memory Of Barbara Droppelman
In Memory Of Elaine Dunnell
In Honor Of Marge Dunnington
In Honor Of Deanne Edgers
In Memory Of Kanji Elliget
In Honor Of Noelle Ellis, RN
In Memory Of Frances Erickson
In Memory Of Eric Eyman
In Honor Of Noha Farag
In Memory Of Consuelo Farmer
In Memory Of Betty Lou Faubel
In Memory Of Earl Fauser
In Memory Of Lila Finhill
In Memory Of Agnes Firth
In Memory Of Joan Fischer
In Memory Of Thomas Fisher
In Honor Of Daisy Fishman, RN
In Memory Of Jamie Foland-Tseng
In Memory Of Kathryn Folse
In Memory Of Christine Fong
In Honor Of Linda Fontenot, RN
In Memory Of Barbara Joyce Fowler
In Memory Of Joseph James Franco
In Honor Of Michele Frank, MD and EvergrenHealth SCCA
In Memory Of Jerrilyn French
In Honor Of Eleanor Friele
In Memory Of David Fries
In Memory Of Morris Frimer
In Memory Of Jerome Froland
In Memory Of Ed Fruhling
In Memory Of Travis Fry
In Memory Of Walter Fukuyama
In Memory Of Frank Gamboa
In Memory Of Al Garman
In Honor Of Alina Gaurila, MD
In Memory Of David Geahigan
In Memory Of Holly Geiger
In Honor Of William Getchell, MD
In Honor Of Deb Ghazan
In Memory Of Robert Giles
In Memory Of Betty Ginsberg
In Honor Of Margo Godyn, RN
In Memory Of Russel Goldman, MD
In Memory Of Hellan Goodhope
In Memory Of Edward Gottheil
In Memory Of John ‘Jack’ Graffius
In Memory Of Genevieve Grandy
In Memory Of Alexandra Greathouse
In Honor Of Michael Green
In Memory Of Robert Grossman
In Memory Of Vivian Grossman
In Honor Of Susan Grubb
In Memory Of Kenneth Carl Gruber
In Memory Of Robert Cyprus Hall
In Memory Of Ray ‘Wally’ Hamilton
In Honor Of Joy Hanson
In Memory Of Terry Hatada
In Memory Of Roy Hawk
In Memory Of D. Ann Hay
In Memory Of Esther Hazelet
In Memory Of Carol Hearth
In Memory Of Lucy Hebner
In Memory Of Adrienne Hecker
In Memory Of Carroll ‘Mic’ Heffron
In Memory Of Andreas Heiberg
In Memory Of Elizabeth Hendrickson
In Memory Of Cheryl Henry
In Memory Of Bertha Hertz
In Memory Of Irving Hirsch
In Honor Of Tate Hockersmith
In Memory Of Jack Hodgson
In Memory Of Emmett Hoffman
In Honor Of Hospice Center Staff
In Memory Of Nadine Hudson
In Honor Of Constance Hughes
In Memory Of Irene Hunter
In Memory Of William Huntington
In Memory Of Gretchen Ilgenfritz
In Memory Of Bob Imbery
In Memory Of George Cornelius “Neil’ Inman
In Memory Of Akira Jackson
In Memory Of Hiro Jackson
In Memory Of Jack Jackson
In Memory Of Tetsuo Jackson
In Memory Of Tristan Jackson
In Memory Of Judith Jenny
In Honor Of Barb Jensen
In Memory Of Victoria Maria Jewett
In Memory Of Lynn Johnson
In Memory Of Coral Lynn Johnson
In Memory Of Margaret Yvonne Johnson
Yvonne Johnson
In Memory Of Jo Anne Jones
In Honor Of Savannah Ray Jones
In Memory Of Kurt Julian
In Honor Of Stephanie Kaatz, RN
In Memory Of Justin Edward Kakaley
In Honor Of Carolyn Kang
In Memory Of Edna Kastning
In Honor Of Katherine Katzenberger
In Memory Of Beverly Kaufman
In Memory Of August Kempf
In Honor Of Kelli Kennedy-Cunningham, RN
In Memory Of Carl ‘Ross’ Kern
In Honor Of Karen Ketner, RN
In Honor Of Holly Kieling
In Honor Of Kalvin Kim
In Memory Of Daniel Kinnaird
In Honor Of Vanessa Kirkland, RN
In Honor Of Sarah Kirsch, MD
In Memory Of Josephine Kitson
In Honor Of Elizabeth Kiyasu, MD
In Honor Of Lindy Klaff, MD
In Memory Of Bill Kleinenbroich
In Memory Of Marlene Knapp
In Memory Of Elroy Knoshaug
In Memory Of Joan Knoshaug
In Honor Of Angelika Koch, MD
In Honor Of Julia Kolbo, RN
In Honor Of Rose Kossen
In Honor Of Sandra Kreider, RN
In Honor Of Sharon Kroll
In Memory Of Don LaCourse

In Memory Of Edward Lang
In Memory Of Sheila Lara
In Memory Of Miriam LeBaron
In Memory Of Michael Ledbetter
In Memory Of Andrew Legman
In Memory Of Loma Legman
In Memory Of Paul Lester
In Memory Of Becky Lynn Lewis
In Memory Of Ho Ling Liang
In Memory Of Atsuko Lile
In Memory Of Julia Liu
In Honor Of Allyson Lohrmann, RN
In Memory Of Ann Lomax
In Memory Of Robert Lowenstein
In Honor Of Lena Lozoya, CAN
In Memory Of Dennis Luker
In Memory Of Art Lustig
In Memory Of Kevin MacKenzie
In Memory Of Natalie MacLachlan
In Memory Of Rod Madrigal
In Memory Of Betty Magee
In Memory Of Lyle Mahaffy
In Memory Of Rose Mainero
In Memory Of Don Mallett
In Memory Of Beatrice Manago
In Memory Of Joyce Manley
In Honor Of Milo Mardesich
In Memory Of Paola Martini Scott
In Memory Of Jimmy Peathon Massey
In Memory Of Betty Jean Mather
In Memory Of Jean Matson
In Honor Of Dave McCammon
In Honor Of Linda McCammon
In Memory Of Kurt McCann
In Memory Of Jeff McCullough
In Memory Of Henry McCurdy
In Memory Of Zoe McDougal
In Memory Of Mike McEvoy
In Honor Of Sarah McGuire, BSN
In Memory Of Michael McKinney
In Memory Of Ruth McNally
In Memory Of Cecilia McSteen
In Honor Of Cheryl Medawattage, RN
In Memory Of Seth Melchert
In Memory Of Barbara Marie Meyn
In Memory Of Jean Marie Miller
In Memory Of Paula Miller
In Memory Of Shawn Miller
In Memory Of Mary Mirkovich
In Memory Of Gloria Delos Santos Mojica
In Memory Of Cindy Morgan
In Memory Of Jill Morrill, RN
In Memory Of Bert Mount
In Memory Of William Mudge, III
In Memory Of Pam Mullens
In Honor Of Sarah Muni, MD
In Memory Of Suellen Musgrove
In Honor Of Tisha Naegele
In Memory Of Doris Nakamura
In Honor Of Betty Nakimenya
In Memory Of Nusrat Naqvi
In Honor Of James Otis Neal
In Memory Of Peg Nelson
In Honor Of Holly Nelson, BSN
In Honor Of Tyler Nelson
In Memory Of Bob Neschke
In Memory Of Marie Nesteroff
In Memory Of Russell Nightingale
In Memory Of Sonia Norman
In Memory Of Aubrey ‘Steve’ Nutbrown
In Memory Of Whip Nutley
In Memory Of JeanAnn O’Brien
In Memory Of Myles O’Byrne
In Memory Of Linda Oman
In Memory Of Delmar Orndorf
In Memory Of Beverly Jeanne Ossewaarde
In Memory Of David Otteni
In Memory Of John Overleese
In Honor Of Ryan Padgett, MD
In Memory Of Dale Palella
In Memory Of Laurena Palkowski
In Honor Of Susanne Parker, RN
In Memory Of Elsie Pederson
In Memory Of Stephen Pelkan
In Memory Of Marilyn Penrose
In Memory Of Leah Pepin
In Memory Of William Pepin
In Memory Of Michael Alan Perkins
In Memory Of Bob Perry
In Memory Of Howard Peterson
In Honor Of Kae Peterson
In Memory Of Lael Peterson
In Memory Of Caroline Petre
In Memory Of Miki Phelps
In Memory Of Gary Phillips
In Memory Of Mona Pickering
In Memory Of Linda Plato
In Memory Of Jean Plotkin
In Memory Of Stephen Plotkin
In Memory Of W. Thomas Porter
In Memory Of David Price
In Memory Of Rose Marie Price
In Memory Of Wesley Price
In Memory Of Olive Pritchard
In Memory Of Mildred Prouty
In Memory Of George Eric Pucher
In Honor Of Salma Qadir
In Memory Of John Raichle
In Memory Of Richard Rankin
In Honor Of Families of Rao, Vemparala and Kothapalle
In Honor Of Samantha Recalde, RN
In Memory Of Billie Reed
In Memory Of Sasia Regan-Hughes
In Memory Of William Reiser
In Memory Of Marcia Remington
In Memory Of Roger Rettig
In Honor Of Wallace Richards
In Memory Of Silvia Marie Roberts
In Memory Of Sara Rockwell
In Memory Of Gary Rogers
In Memory Of Monda Rojas
In Memory Of Ingrid Karen Ruf
In Memory Of Elmer Rupp
In Memory Of Lorene Ryan
In Memory Of James Saari
In Memory Of Dena Sakelaris
In Honor Of Jayson San Juan, RN
In Memory Of Theresa Satushek
In Memory Of Helen Louis Savoie
In Memory Of Linda Say
In Memory Of Eileen Scheuer
In Memory Of Leona Schiffman
In Memory Of Mark Schuchard, Sr.
In Honor Of Matt Schuette
In Memory Of Kathy Schulz
In Honor Of Seattle Cancer Care Alliance Team at EvergreenHealth
In Memory Of Judy Sennett
In Honor Of Misha Severson, RN
In Memory Of Danny Shaeffer
In Honor Of Pratima Sharma, MD
In Memory Of Carol Ann Shaw
In Memory Of Leo Sheehan
In Memory Of Terence Sheehan
In Memory Of John Charles Sherris
In Memory Of Jeanne Siddoway
In Memory Of Tex Simmons
In Memory Of Dottie Simonton
In Memory Of Stanley Skidmore
In Memory Of Carolyn Skinner
In Memory Of George Skinner
In Memory Of Ted Skipper
In Memory Of Keith Randal Slawson
In Memory Of Larry Glen Slosson
In Memory Of Clark Smith
In Memory Of Clineene Smith
In Honor Of Madi Smith
In Honor Of Shauna Smith
In Memory Of Dave Snepp
In Memory Of Karl Snepp
In Memory Of Suzanne Snepp
In Memory Of Azita Soltani
In Memory Of Frederick Specht
In Memory Of Stanley Specht
In Memory Of Trudy Start
In Honor Of Samantha Steele
In Memory Of Yvonne Stephenson
In Memory Of R. Keith Storey
In Memory Of Jacie Storme
In Memory Of Ed Streuli
In Memory Of James Sullivan
In Memory Of Marlene Sullivan
In Memory Of Merilyn Sullivan
In Memory Of Douglas Walter Richard Summerfield
In Memory Of Marcia Sunderland, RN
In Memory Of Jay Surati
In Memory Of Leigh Edward Sutphin
In Memory Of James Suttle
In Honor Of Jeanne Tate, RN
In Memory Of Norma Jean Taylor
In Memory Of Marilyn Telgenhoff
In Honor Of Tyme Tempest
In Memory Of Niccolo Tocco
In Memory Of Patricia Tomich
In Honor Of Jeff Tomlin, MD
In Memory Of John Toomb
In Memory Of Q. W. ‘Bing’ Torpin
In Memory Of Marie Torrance
In Memory Of Frank Tutino
In Memory Of Sandra Ummel
In Memory Of Renee Valois
In Memory Of Lloyd Van Vactor
In Memory Of Roger Van Valey
In Memory Of Charles Van Zandt
In Honor Of Kiko Van Zandt
In Honor Of Merry Van Zoeren, RN
In Honor Of Carol vanHaelst, MD
In Memory Of Clifford Vogt
In Memory Of David Wagner
In Memory Of Jack Wallace
In Memory Of James Walsh
In Memory Of Sam Warmenhoven
In Memory Of Helen Marie Weber
In Honor Of Hope Wechkin, MD
In Memory Of Sally Wiest
In Memory Of Gwendolyn Williams
In Memory Of Christopher Wilson
In Memory Of Martha Wilson
In Memory Of Mamie Wong
In Memory Of Yu Keun Wong
In Memory Of W.Kay Wray
In Memory Of Douglas Wright
In Memory Of Tang Ying Yuan
In Honor Of Yalan Yuan
In Memory Of Dean Zahren
In Memory Of Ron Zarelli
In Memory Of Daryle Zrust

2022 EvergreenHealth Foundation Donors

Thank you to the individuals, families, foundations and businesses who supported EvergreenHealth in 2022

Champion Donor
$1,000,000 +

The Weidner Foundation

$100,000 - $999,999

The Phil and Katie Carter Family
Estate of Pamela A. Heselgrave
Maynard Martin Estate
The Norcliffe Foundation
Rainier Heli International Inc
Estate of Barbara B. Rambo
Jack and Betty Wockner
Christopher and Margery Yetman 

$25,000 - $99,999

The Anderson Foundation
Bellevue Healthcare
Denali Advanced Integration
Al and Donna DeYoung
Doug Edlund and Cathy Boshaw
Dr. Mark and Jayme Freeborn
The Hill Family
Dr. Alex Hsi and Wendy Hsu
Dr. Michael and Kayoko Hunter
Keyes Foundation
Derek Luhn and Jennifer Hallman
D.V. & Ida McEachern Charitable Trust
Teddy Lou Overleese
Linda and Jerome Paros
Caryl A. Reese
Dr. Eric Taylor and Ms. Sheena Aebig
Dr. Jeffrey and Merrie Tomlin
John Wechkin
Whidbey Coffee Company
Wise Hospice Options
William E. Wockner Foundation
Dr. Rosanna Yeung and Michael Lin

$10,000 - $24,999

Adler Giersch Law Firm
Aldrich & Associates, Inc.
Jeanne Barker
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Jeff and Judy Cashman
James and Nancy Crim
Evergreen Emergency Services
EvergreenHealth Medical Staff
First Choice Health
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
Suzanne Greathouse
Hall Render
JPMorgan Chase Bank
Laboratory Corporation of America
Matrix Anesthesia, PS
McKeirnan Porter PLLC

Merchants Credit Association
Steve Messmer and Roxanne Alviar
William and Judith Moritz
Timothy and Mary Ord
Pacific Office Automation
Parker, Smith & Feek, Inc.
Pediatrix Medical Group – Eastside Maternal Fetal Medicine
Pediatrix Medical Group – Seattle Neonatology
PRK Livengood
The Rabuchin Family
Radia, Inc.
Regence BlueShield (AKA Cambia Health Solutions)
Nancy and Ben Remak
The Schuler Family Foundation
Skony Resources, Inc.
Commissioner Virgil and Kelly Snyder
Team Snepp Charitable Fund

$5,000 - $9,999

Richard and Donna Adler
Ash Consulting LLC
Constance Baring-Gould
Bella Baby Pacific, LLC
Bennett Bigelow & Leedom P.S.
Boeing Company Gift Matching Program
Christopher and Darla Bredeson
Cheetham Family Trust
Davis Wright Tremaine
Delta Dental of Washington
John and Diane DeYoung
Bob and Shirley Ferguson
Gobo Enterprises, LLC
Jessika and Ryan Groce
Lon and Colleen Halvorson
Heritage Bank
Dr. Wayne and Deborah Hill
Helge Hoeing
Gretchen and Lyman Hull Fund
Patricia Kinnaird
Lori and Daren Kloes

Little Family Foundation
Tina and Randy Mycroft
Ali Naqvi
Northwest Synergy, Inc.
Dr. Ettore and Setareh Palazzo
Payden & Rygel Investment Management
Jennifer Pointer
Premera Blue Cross
Jack and Marilyn Price
Quest Diagnostics
Ronald and Susan Runyon
Dianne and Patrick Schultheis
Mary and Randy Shepler
Laura Smiley
Drs. Narender and Rekha Sood
Nancy and Tom Stewart
Kris B. and Gregory A. Taylor
Thomas Cuisine
Leonard Tracy
Elisa M. Vila
Angelina Wallent

$1,000 - $4,999

Anthony Ambrose and Kelly Flynn
Gregg and Kirsten Aoyama
Yuriy Babadzhanov
Les Baer and Gerry Fox
The Banks Family
Banner Bank
Terri L. Bardsley
Laura and Lamont Beckner
Dr. and Mrs. Chad M. Bentsen
Caren-Christiane Berry
Patrick and Jacualyn Bonnell
Pat Braddock
Keith Brandt
Drs. John and Kimberly Brockenbrough
Bill and Judy Brodsky
Jeffrey Bronstein
Peggy Brown
Rodney Brown
Dr. Michael Bundesmann and Mrs. Merkys Gomez
Drs. Daniel and Cynthia Burdick
Richard Cain
Nina Cantrell
Pete and Marianne Caputo
Carolyn Day Foundation
The Phil and Katie Carter Family
Cheryl Chamberlin
Debra M. Chaput, M.D.
Rick Chatterton and Steven Franz
Russell and Claudia Christensen
Steve N. Connelly, M.D.
Pamela Cope
David and Jane Cottrell
Judith Curley
Diane Dake
Dan Danhof
Douglas Davis
Art deVaux
Diane and John DeYoung
Lucy DeYoung
Dr. Brian and Juliana Dial
Larry and Paula Dime
Joycelyn Dorsey
Oliver Dreitzler
Jodi and John Duggan
Ellsworth Charitable Account
Emerald Communities
Guy Farmer and Family
Clare Farnsworth
Kim Fay
Arash Fazl, M.D.
Firmani + Associates
Kris Fitting
Barb Follett
Lynley Fow
Jon French and Family
Jeffrey and Kelly Friedman
Monique and Adam Gablehouse
Resa and Nick Galash
Katharyn Alvord Gerlich Family Fund
Oscar Gonzalez, M.D.
Karen Griffin
Julie Hagglund
Jon and June Hahn
Brenda Halvorson and Mark Rex
Kent and Suzie Halvorson
Nancy and Darrell Hamilton
Gary and Carrol Harris
Heather and Michael Hatada
Michael and Mary Healy
Daria and Ben Heimerman
Shelly and Neil Henderson
Brett and Shelia Herner
Drs. Jennifer and Nathan Hines
Rebecca and Tom Hirt
Dr. Priscilla Hoang and Mr. Adrian Synal
Leah and Ryan Hoge
Hoover Charitable Giving Fund
Marlene Taylor Houtchens
Dr. and Mr. Karlyn and Daniel Huddy
Dr. Stephen G. and Jan Hyde
Jo Iaciofano
Debra Ingersol
Alan Irvine
Kaj Johansen
Darol Johnson

Beth Kahn
Roan Kang
Elizabeth Keeshan
Meredith Kenyon
Greg B. and Lauri King
Dr. Lindy Klaff and Scott Ecker
KLB Construction
Rachel D. Knight
Kristen Krebs
Eric LaFrance
Lisa LaPlante
Dr. Yung and Christina Lee
Drs. David and Laurin Likosky
Jacob Lin, M.D.
Pauline and Ping-Yu Liu
David B. and Charlotte J. Lomet
M. & D. Gift Fund at Schwab Charitable
Lynne Magie
Mark and Susan Vossler Charitable Fund
Mr. and Dr. Jeff and Nancy Marshall
Mary Eileen and Stephen Knoff Charitable Fund
Mark and Tammera Mason
Stephanie McCann
Lynn McLaughlin
Tim and Priscilla McLaughlin
Richard and Jennifer Meeks
Dr. Michael and Leah Mena
Susan Morgan
Ken and Andree Nelson
Dr. Nancy J. and Larry Neubauer
Annie Nguyen-Vermillion, M.D.
Vicky Nollette
Esther Norton
Notkin a P2S Company
Tammy Nye
O.D. Fisher Charitable Fund
Dr. Komal Patil-Sisodia and\ Harshal Sisodia
Jill Peterson
Randal and Donna Peterson
Leanne Philipovich
James and Jessica Pierson
Meg and Bridget Powers
Sandra and Bradley Prescott
Vickie L. Ravenscroft, RN
Dr. Francis X. and Judy Riedo
Penelope Robinson
Thomas and Jeanie Robinson
Debra Ann Rossman
Adam and Stephanie Rothenberg
Michele Rutherford
Marco Salazar, M.D.
Benn Schreiber and Liz Hunt
Pat and Carol Schuette
DeWayne Sennett
Deena Sindler and Craig McCallum
Sue Smiley
Dr. Sheila Smith
Deborah Snell
Joseph and Allison Springer
Starbucks Matching Gifts Program
Debra and Brian Stemmerman
Kimberly and Allon Stone
Debra Styner
Symetra Matching Gift Center
Family of Ralph Syverson
Teal Family Fund
Wayne Thomas III
Shirly A. Torpin and Family
Wen Tseng
Estate of Bernice E. Tutt
Alan and Greta Upshall
Prakash Varadarajan, M.D.
Anne Volk
Ming Wang
Lynda Watson
Julie Wentz
Ginger White
John J. and Joan White
Jeffrey Wildey
Kelly Williams
Marlene Wissler
Woodinville Pediatrics
Dr. Joseph and Kyla Woodward
Carmen Wright
Zobrist Family

$500 - $999

Lucy Acker
Nathan Ahn
Susan Allen
Donna and William Anderson
Molly Anderson
Dr. Timothy S. Anderson and Mrs. Susan S. Anderson
Lisa Baer
Diana Baird
Holly E. Baker, RN
Shelley Bennett
Walter and Eunice Binz
Gwen Blake
Steven Bourque
Marilyn J. Braarud
Billie J. Brandon, RN
Mary Brentnall
Ralph and Katharine Brindley
Doug and Amy Brown
FXR Group
Rodney Brown
Mike and Sarah Bruemmer
R. Scott and Karen Burger
Glenn Cantor
Joan Capili
Sharon Carter
Marjorie Chamberlain
Estate of Dolores Chapman
Jessica Clark, RN
The Estate of Catherine Elizabeth Conn
Antoine Cotton
Robert and Gail Cranmer
Ryan Cudney
Kristen Deleganes
Everett and Kim Diemer
Juliann Dillhoff
Paul Dolan
Deann and Peter Edgers
Suzan Elder
Janee Evans
Marji and Pete Fortman
Debra Francis
Richard Freedman
Ida Freilinger
Paulina Gauthier
Robert and Michele Gilb
Bob and Karen Gillespie
Marjorie Gorodko
Jessica Granger
Sandra Gray
Ann Green, RN
Randy and Anne-Sofie Grekowicz
Grove Family Donation Fund
Timothy Hackbart
Kevin and Patty Hansen
Joy and Kurt Hanson
Jamie J. Haraden, ARNP
Christine Hawkins
Holly Hayes
Dr. and Mrs. Patrick Heffron
Archie Henninger
Barry Hogrefe
Ray Holden
Iverson Enterprises
Ellinor James
Tara James and Timothy McRoberts
The Jang Family
John and Laura Smiley Charitable Gift Fund
David and Sarah Johnston
Janet and Kurtis Jones
Hitesh Kanwathirtha
Nicole Kihlman
Angelika T. Koch-Leibmann, M.D.
Sandra Kreider, RN
Andrea Kucirek
David LaMarche
Rosemary and Fred Langford

Karen Liebel
Deena Lorraine
Li Lu
Douglas MacLachlan
Elizabeth Mahan
Violet Mar
Brenda McCue
Yazmin Mehdi and Liam Lavery
Mary Beth Menagh
Anna Menne
Gareth Merrifield
Katherine Mihalek
Daryl Moe
Brendon Moodley
Lisa Mulligan
Laurie Naylor
Noeledge Consulting
Patricia Norris
Jennifer and Tom Norton
Jaja Okigwe and Teresita Carral
Drs. Raymond D. Park and Mazie Park
Nathan Paul
Melissa and Mark Pederson
Ann and Jon Peterson
Pick Family Giving Fund
Sheri and Tracy Pierce
Rolin and Megan Pruyn
Carol Radforth
Carrie Reichel
Jared W. Remington, M.D.
Konnie Rincon
Sandra Ritchie
Dennis and Nancy Rood
Adam Sangeorzan, M.D.
Jill and Lane Savitch
Schoenfeld-Gardner Foundation
Seattle 380-Club
Richard Seibert
James Sheffler
Lynn Shomber
Lynne Singer
Ingrid Skacel
Julie Smith
Mona Solomon
Robert Spreadborough
Spring/Neuhauser Fund
Tina and Floyd Swift
Jeanna L. Taylor, RN
Gifford E. Thomas
Andrew F. Thurman, M.D.
Mario and Kate Tremblay
Barbara Troyer
Dr. Andrew and Bobye Turella
Dr. Joseph E. and Virginia Turner
Kenneth Tuurie
Kate Tylee Herz and Matt Herz
Faith Uyesugi
Kiko Van Zandt
Philip Vande Pol
Robert Voiss
Stacy Webb
Joel and Marisa Weber
Megan Whitman
Willis J. Price Survivor’s Trust
Mark Wimley
Megan and Sam Wirsching
Barry Witham
Sharon Wolf
Steven Wong
Jason and Nattawan Wood
Dr. and Mrs. Ryan Zehnder

Legacy Society

These individuals have remembered EvergreenHealth with a charitable gift through their will or estate. Their legacy provides a foundation for growth and adavancement into the future.

Members of the
EvergreenHealth Legacy Society

Darrin Allison
Allen and Patricia Auvil
Jeff and Mary Bander
Diana Bishop
Katherine A. Carter
Don Desonier
Al and Donna DeYoung
Lucy DeYoung
Bob and Shirley Ferguson
Jeanette D. Greenfield
Dr. Wayne and Deborah Hill
John Hotta
Elaine K. Oswald-Huntting and Timothy Huntting
Kriss Kayl

Auggie and Sally Jo Kempf
Kurt S. Klabunde
Donna and Jim Minahan
Mr. G. Ross Nicoll
Teddy Overleese
Nancy and Ben Remak
Walter and Sarah Ryan
Margarete Sched
Phil and Robin Smiley
Dr. Eric Taylor and Ms. Sheena Aebig
Gifford E. Thomas
Robert Voiss
Ginger R. White
Mark and Susan Williams
Curtis R. Zimmerman

$1,000,000 +

Estate of Duane A. Droullard (2019)

$100,000 - $999,999

Frances N. Marr (1997)
Mabel C. Knoertzer (2005)
Floyd L. Johnson (2009)
Suzanne L. Lewin (2014)
Betty L. Wockner (2018)
Karl and Sue Snepp (2019)

$50,000 - $99,999

Burton and Paulyne Batchelor (2005)
Doris McNair (2012)
Carol S. Hawes (2016)
Claudia C. Welch (2016)
Estate of Leona M. Kirkey (2019)

$25,000 - $49,999

Ethel L. Wood (1995)
Wilbur Curtis Mann (2013)
Ellen C. Widmayer (2016)

$10,000 - $24,999

Martha H. Weinberger (1996)
Mary E. HasBrouck (2005)
Family of Eleanor Robinson-Wallis (2005)
Bernice E. Tutt (2009)
John and Dorthea Eckmann Trust (2013)
Joan M. Batchelor (2016)

Legacy Partners
$1,000 - $9,999

Dorothy C. Davis (1995)
Joe J. Griffin (1996)
Opal Keith (1998)
Mary F. Peck (2000)
John A. Orecchio (2001)
Dorothy Fullerton (2003)
Colleen H. McDaniel (2004)
Mary J. Stoneburner (2004)
Betty Margaret Case (2006)
Marie L. Knight (2006)
Sonya Anderson (2008)
Anna F. Gasslander (2008)

Katherine M. Olsen (2008)
David and Caroline H. Sizer Living Trust (2008)
Britt Louise Giner (2009)
T.M. Krunytzky (2009)
Bjarne Slind (2009)
Bernice E. Tutt (2009)
Mary Alice Driscoll (2011)
Michael J. Quinlan (2012)
Patricia Ann Marsh (2016)
Rose Saffron (2016)
Estate of Ruth M. Forhan (2019)

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