Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

Originally built in the 1970’s, EvergreenHealth’s Intensive Care Unit has taken care of the sickest, most vulnerable patients in our community for nearly 50 years. In 2020, EvergreenHealth’s ICU became the center of the fight against COVID-19 when EvergreenHealth mobilized to lead a collaborative effort to manage the first community-based COVID-19 outbreak in the United States.

As the most critically functioning operational unit in the hospital, our vision to build the ICU of the future derives from our deeply held commitment to be prepared for whatever may come our way next so that we can best serve the families in our community for the next 50+ years. Invest in what matters most – the future of healthcare in our community – and make a gift to help build the ICU of the future on the Eastside.

In Spring 2020 construction began to relocate and renovate the ICU – a move to modernize and expand the ICU facility and centrally locate it at the heart of the hospital. Set to be completed in Spring 2021, we’re thrilled to share the progress with you as we build the ICU of the future.

EvergreenHealth’s renovated ICU will be housed in 22,000 square feet compared to the existing ICU’s 12,000 square feet. An expansive, open floorplan will 1) accommodate a family-centered care model with ample space for families to stay comfortably with patients; 2) provide clear sightlines between patient rooms, physician workstations and medical supply rooms – a transparent layout that emphasizes patient and staff safety; and 3) accommodate 20 oversized ICU patient rooms to allow for multiple physicians, nurses and technicians to provide comprehensive care.

In addition to modern, expanded footprints, each room will have ‘negative air flow’ capabilities to protect against spread of airborne viruses and will be outfitted with advanced equipment and technology that improves patient care and communication.

Unique to the Intensive Care Unit, this floor will include a lounge for families to be together while they await information about their family member. This space aims to provide comfort in a time of fear and anxiety, with every effort made to provide elements of home. Flanking the larger lounge area are two quiet consult rooms for family members to speak privately with each other and medical staff, make medical decisions, and in some cases, grieve the tremendous loss of a family member.

Across the ICU, modern elements like C-Sleep lighting that provide wellness benefits to staff and patients, multilingual, interactive digital white boards in patient rooms, and UV-light technology to sanitize each room will bring the ICU into the modern era and purposefully flexible spaces will allow the ICU to adapt to meet the needs of our community for decades to come.