Hospice Care Services at EvergreenHealth

EvergreenHealth Hospice Care is defined by the empathetic understanding and genuine concern for the physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of patients facing end-of-life. Our hospice caregivers, aides, chaplains, social workers and volunteers work alongside each family to minimize physical pain for patients and maximize the quality of the final moments of a patient’s time with their loved ones.

EvergreenHealth Hospice Care provides home health and hospice services across all of King and Snohomish County – one of the largest geographic service areas in the country. Hospice caregivers provide regular home hospice visits to over 3,000 patients annually with 24-hour phone access for support. Over 500 additional patients receive care each year at the Gene and Irene Wockner Hospice Care Center in Kirkland – the only freestanding in-patient hospice center in King or Snohomish County. Despite the high cost of service, EvergreenHealth Hospice provides uncompensated care for those without the ability to pay, part of a community-driven commitment to ensure no one dies alone.

EvergreenHealth Hospice Care extends its embrace not only to patients but also to their families, offering guidance, counseling and resources to navigate the challenging emotion of loss. Hospice social workers provide personalized follow-up to families for up to 13 months following the loss of a loved one, offering grief and bereavement support groups as well as family support and planning resources.

EvergreenHealth Hospice is well-known for compassionately wrapping their arms around families and providing hyper-specialized care dependent on advanced directives, patient comfort and family values. A recognized leader in hospice care, EvergreenHealth continues to provide these vital health care services to families thanks to the philanthropic support from our community. Community support of hospice allows us to care for those at end-of-life with no other care options or the ability to pay – it takes all of us together to ensure everyone can receive meaningful and compassionate end-of-life care.