Riley & Sydney spent six weeks at EvergreenHealth after their birth. Their parents remember wandering the halls and studying a bulletin board filled with pictures and cards from families who had once been in a similar situation. Nurses would come by and point out cards and share stories about the families who wrote them, because to the nurses, the people who filled the bulletin board were part of their family

At the time, Riley & Sydney’s parents couldn’t worry about what their story would be, all they wanted was for them to be safe and healthy. 

This past spring Riley & Sydney graduated from high school and are now ready to start the next chapter of their lives – to make the most of the story they get to write. 

This fall Sydney will study business at Chapman University in California. She’s a well-rounded athlete, will compete on her collegiate diving team, and might even join a beginner’s surf club. Her twin sister and best friend describes her as “happy go-lucky” and says she’s “always smiling.” It makes sense that she loves the camaraderie of being on a team – it’s the joy that comes from meeting new people and supporting those around her. 

Sydney is especially kind in her words about her twin sister, Riley. She speaks fondly of Riley’s hard work and passion – how driven she is to make a difference. Riley will study business at Cal Poly University this fall with plans to use her creativity, determination and passion to build a business focused on environmental sustainability. 

Both Riley and Sydney will be part of shaping the future, and to them, that means working towards creating a healthier, kinder, and more equitable world. 

But when their parents look back and think about them in those tiny incubators, it puts it all in perspective. While they’re proud of Riley & Sydney’s accomplishments and attributes, it’s all just “extra” – still all that matters is that they’re safe and healthy.

Even 18 years later, their family annually sends a holiday card to the nurses and staff at EvergreenHealth to share their family’s gratitude for the care they received, to thank them for being part of the support system that got their daughters to where they are today.  

They think that just maybe, if that card ends up on the bulletin board, it’ll give hope to the parents who need it most.

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