Compassionate care in the EvergreenHealth NICU helps one family through hardship.

Kenmore parents Polly and Chris Smith were shocked, but delighted, to learn they were expecting a second child—a sibling to their 12-year-old daughter.

But when Polly developed preeclampsia, the couple was concerned for Polly and the baby’s safety. Polly partnered with her care team to regularly monitor her blood pressure and communicate any abnormalities.

“Preeclampsia usually presents as high blood pressure in expecting mothers whose blood pressure has been normal. It’s becoming increasingly more common due to its risk factors becoming more prevalent amongst women,” explained Dr. Carolyn Kline, Polly’s perinatologist who practices with Eastside Maternal-Fetal Medicine at EvergreenHealth, which is one of the only programs on the Eastside to offer high-risk pregnancy care.

Polly was admitted to EvergreenHealth’s Obstetric Emergency Department at 26 weeks gestation. Two weeks later, Polly’s care team performed an emergency C-section to keep her and the baby safe.

“Polly was an incredibly strong and resilient woman throughout her entire pregnancy and particularly when we decided her baby needed delivery,” Dr. Kline described.

On April 25, 2019, Hudson London Smith was born. Though Hudson was only two pounds, he could breathe on his own, which was remarkable for a premature baby of his size. Over the next three months, Hudson grew in the EvergreenHealth Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

“One of us would stay with Hudson during the day, while the other took care of our daughter. We’d meet at the hospital and have dinner as a family. Then, we’d switch shifts overnight and do it again,” Polly said.

“The nurses and doctors were incredible. They never made us feel like we were a burden. We were always aware of Hudson’s progress, and his care team was always there to sit with us one-on-one to answer all our questions. The staff became our extended family,” Chris shared.

Eventually the Smiths returned home with a healthy baby, who is now a rambunctious toddler. “Hudson is our miracle baby and he’s here thanks to our thoughtful and compassionate care team at EvergreenHealth,” Polly and Chris added.

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